Whom Gods Destroy

"Mister Spock, do you consider Captain Kirk and yourself brothers? "

okay, but think about this: what if Bones had gotten married during those fifteen years (let’s just pretend there’s other humans on the planet Bones was stranded on) because he honestly never expected to see Jim again?

And when Jim does show up, it makes Bones feels like he’s being torn apart because god, he loves both of these people so much. Imagine that Bones’ wife being okay with it because deep down, she knew that if Jim ever did show up, she would not be able to keep him there any more.

And even though Bones is incredibly happy to see Jim again, it just hurts so fucking much because this woman has been his emotional support for the last ten years and that’s not something you can just put aside like that, it’s not just something you get over.

this is still about that How To Train Your Dragon AU by the way

And not to mention the fact that he has no idea what to do next. He never thought he’d ever see Jim or the Enterprise again - he’s dedicated the past 15 years to saving dragons. Does he go back? Could he go back? He always told himself that if he could, he would…but now that he has the choice, the decision  tearing him apart.

And as he sits on the edge of his bed that night, with Jim aboard the Enterprise with a promise to return in the morning, he takes his Starfleet insignia from his drawer and maps out each groove the same way he did so many nights in the beginning. He’s barely touched it these past few years - the memories became more painful than comforting after he convinced himself he’d never be able to go back. His wife strokes his back and spine slowly and soothingly, mumming that everything will be okay. And it’s the same gesture that got him to sleep all these years, but now it just makes him want to cry. And he does.


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Imagine if, during a diplomatic mission, Bones goes missing. Jim tries desperately to find him, but with no success and eventually, Starfleet forces him to abandon the search.

Fifteen years later, Jim and the res of the bridge crew returns to the planet - it’s not that Jim’s expecting to find anything. After all, it’s been fifteen years, so how could Bones possibly still be alive? Well, it turns out that he is and he now has - believe it or not - a dragon as his partner.

Not only that, but he also lives in a dragon sanctuary and has been rescuing dragons from poachers all these years.

okay I don’t even know where I was going with this but oh my fucking god I just have a mighty need for a mckirk How To Train Your Dragon AU fanfic

I HAVE NOWHERE NEAR THE WRITING SKILLS TO GIFT YOU WITH SUCH A WONDERFUL IDEA BUT I AM GOING TO PUBLISH IN HOPES THAT SOMEONE WILL because I need a httyd AU like nothing else and I just can’t get over the image of overly emotional and hysteric Len seeing Jim for the first time in 15 years and just breaking down. Or Len taking Jim on a dragon ride above the clouds. Or him blushing and fidgeting when Jim realises that Len’s dragon partner responds to the name “Jim” as well.